Jewish influence in the Arts in Egypt

Daoud Hosni

A conversation happened between Daoud Hosni and his friend Tal'at Harb. It related to the Directorship of the Egyptian Theater.

Tal'at:You know, Daoud, how much I wanted you to be in charge of the theater, but, ya khusartak fi'l Yahud (its a pity you are Jewish).  

Hosni: Tal'at, I was born a Jew, I lead a Jewish life and I will die a Jew...

Daoud HosniAs a youth attracted by the art of singing and music, he dropped out of school and devoted his energies to learning to play the lute ('oud) and mastering the rules and norms of musical composition of his time.

As soon as he mastered the lute ('oud), his star started to shine side by side with those of Abdo El-Hamouli, Mohamed Osman, Yousef El-Manyalawi, Abdel-Hay Helmi and others.

Once Daoud Hosni affirmed his artistic creativity, Mohamed Osman acknowledged his ingenuity, and Hosni thus earned a place in the Hall of Fame among the musicians and singers of his time. ... Read Article

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Frenkel Brothers

Mish Mish Effendi

Mish Mish EffendiLike Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop in America, Egypt got today his national Mish-Mish Effendi. He is the hero of the first Egyptian cartoon screened this week in the cinema Cosmograph”. Read Article






Togo Mizrahi

Togo Mizrahi

Laila Murad

Layla Murad

Mounir Murad

Mounir Murad