An Expulsion with a Pledge to Never Return

The policy of sequestration and confiscation was in effect from 1948-1967. During the war of 1967 many Jews were mistreated and placed in jails for no reason other than they are of the Jewish faith. Egypt has yet to apologize.

Today, with a handful of Jews left in all of Egypt, our request to salvage and rescue our heritage and religious articles has been denied by Egypt stating it all has been placed under the auspices of the department of Antiquities, and therefore may not leave Egypt.

Egypt officially denied that any request has been made despite our numerous letters,to President Mubarak including thousands of petitions to release our Judaic articles from Egypt. Numerous articles in the media have been disregarded.


Recommended Reading


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By; Michael M. Laskier

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Why Jews Fled the Arab Countries.

by Ya'akov Meron
Middle East Quarterly

(Akher Saa November 28, 1956) being expelled from Egypt in 1956 under the direction of President Gamal Abd El Nasser. All those expelled had to sign a pledge of NEVER TO RETURN, leaving behind their possessions, amounting to Billions of dollars. 

All their assets have been placed under sequestration and confiscated by the government of which no restitutions have been

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